About our concert in Holm: “… Complex articulations, contrasts or dynamic climaxes were so wonderfully interpreted by the two professional musicians with great ease and deep trust in each other, that the “Fantasia” opened up to the public with all its colourful images. …”
Kirsten Heer, 30-9-2019, Wedel-Schulauer-Tageblatt

“Ode an die Rhapsodie” reviewed on Musicalifeiten: A collection of beautiful twentieth century repertoire with four CD premières that partly opens up new paths and occasionally offers room
for improvisation. With an ideal way of giving and taking, important for a well-matched duo and a synchronouly intuition, the two provide a set of very profound and very beautiful sounding sounds. Hopefully it will not end with this one publication. A source of inspiration for
other clarinettists.

“Ode an die Rhapsodie” on the Rohrblatt, 1/2019: “… Claude Debussy’s Première Rhapsody obviously should not be missed on this CD, with Kymia Kermani and Alba Gentili-Tedeschi presenting characters ranging from soft-scented elegance to distinctive contours. Finally in George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, these excellent classically trained musicians showcase their qualities who devote themselves to the swinging metier with differentiated articulations and equal joy. …” Willi Vogl

“Ode an die Rhapsodie” CD of the week on Kulturradio Berlin Brandenburg

“Ode an die Rhapsodie” on Deutschlandfunk Kultur

“Surprising new clarinet repertoire played by Kymia Kermani with great intensity and expression. ”
Guido van Oorschot, Volkskrant

“Ode an die Rhapsodie” celebrated in Schwante